In this tutorial we will build a small personal blog of a restaurant chef where he will be able to add, edit and delete articles of different recipes.

Before diving into Typetron, let’s lay down the idea on paper. Will will have:

  • a Home page that will display a list of the latest articles. An article has a title, date, content and an image.
  • an About page with personal information
  • a Contact page
  • a page that displays one article
  • a page for adding and editing an article

That’s it. A very simple web app.

Preparing the environment

Typetron is a framework that runs on top of Node.js. This means you should have Node.js LTS installed on our computer.

Creating a project

Now we are ready to start our first Typetron project. Let’s call it “TypetronBlog”. Open your terminal, make sure you have the Typetron CLI installed and run the following command that will create a directory called TypetronBlog in the current directory:

$ typetron new TypetronBlog

After this, we can start the project:

$ npm start

This will create a local development server on port 8000. Let’s visit http://localhost:8000 and voila, our blank Typetron project is ready.

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In the next part we will take a look at how Typetron shows this page.

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