Before you start using Typetron, make sure you have Node.js LTS installed.


To start using Typetron, clone the blank project from Github:

$ git clone my-awesome-project

Note Typetron will have a CLI tool in the future to make managing projects easier. You will be able to do create new project using commands like this: $ typetron new TypetronBlog

Go into your project’s directory and install the required dependencies:

$ cd my-awesome-project
$ npm install

In order to create a server that will serve your project, you can run the start script from package.json:

$ npm start

This will create a development server on you machine that automatically reloads the app when you make code changes. You can open you app at http://localhost:8000.

Next steps

We recommend you go to the Tutorials section if you are just getting started with Typetron.