Typetron is a modern Node.js framework, written in Typescript, that allows you to build fully-featured applications. Typetron can be used to build any app at any size. Most of the core packages it uses were built from scratch, in Typescript, in order to preserve the performance of the framework.


Typetron aims to have all the features necessary for building any web app possible so you don’t need to to search for a package to use. Almost all the packages it has were built from scratch and are available in the framework out of the box. This was done to ensure that all the features you are using benefit from the latest language and platform features. Also, every package can be tuned for performance or updated in no time if needed, by the community.

Some of the features Typetron aims offers are:

  • Routing
  • Controllers
  • Middleware
  • Query builder
  • ORM (Active Record)
  • IoC container
  • Services
  • ServiceProviders
  • Persistence
  • Intuitive directory structure
  • Models (aka smart DTOs)
  • Forms
  • Validations
  • Utilities/helper functions
  • Easy debugging
  • Tests(and code coverage)
  • Authentication
  • Error handling

If you think a feature is missing, please create a Github issue, so we can take care of it.


Typetron is still in development and for the next months it aims to have the following features:

  • CLI
  • Websocket
  • Migrations
  • Database seeding
  • Persistence (SQL, NoSQL)
  • Authorization
  • Sessions
  • Mailing
  • Worker threads
  • GraphQL
  • Cache
  • HTTP2
  • Automatic documentation generation for REST, Websocket and GraphQL
  • Modules
  • Logging
  • Internationalization (i18n)
  • Monitoring
  • Notifications
  • Error alerts (from the server directly on pc or phone, Slack or SMS)


Being built with packages created from scratch using the latest features from Typescript, Typetron comes with really good performance out of the box, compared to other available frameworks.

Developer experience

Typetron’s source code is built around developer’s expectations: it is modern, clean and beautiful. Also, the tools Typetron is providing are everything a developer needs to build his next awesome project.

Code sharing

A few years ago we wrote websites. Nowadays we write web applications. The web evolved along with the tools we are using. A typical web application is composed from at least two parts: a backend app and a frontend app. This separation led to two different camps that have a very distinct line between them. Typetron aims to give developer tools so they can make backend and frontend apps communicate seamlessly.


Javascript is the language of the web, but Javascript alone is not very powerful. When working on enterprise level apps, it will slow down the development making the project feel tedious to work with. Typescript provides static typing giving you and IDEs a richer environment and spotting common errors without running the code.

Typetron was build in Typescript’s strict mode which enforces you to write a more robust code base making your app free of bugs.

If you are new to Typetron we recommend you check tutorial next where it will show up, step by step, how to build a simple app.